Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Securing an Emergency Appointment

This policy applies to any current patient who phones or emails our surgery on 33560166 or info@grangefamilydental.com.au. In order for us to know it’s a dental emergency, the person making the appointment must clearly state the nature/severity of the pain/discomfort involved and that they would like to be seen by the next working day. If you have contacted us by phone, please leave a clear contact number or email which we can contact you back on.

Problem arising as a direct result of disregarding previous dental advice may not be regarded as an emergency. Non-painful conditions will still be treated as a matter of urgency but may not be attended to within the first working day.

Current patient: refers to any patient who has attended our practice with in the last 12 month for regular check-ups or those who has a regular history of attendance but has unfortunately not been in for a while. This does not include people who only attend for dental emergencies and have not had any proper examination.

Dental Emergency: For the purpose of this policy, refers to any patient that is in pain or at risk of the situation worsening or causing severe disruption to their day to day life. Common dental emergencies include, severe tooth ache, facial swelling, pain keeping patients up at night, pain preventing proper closure or eating. Grange Family Dental retains the absolute right to decide on what is classified as an emergency situation based on the information given to us over the phone.

Bulk Billing of children under the age of 10

As a general rule, we will always strive to bulk bill all children under the age of 10 for all their preventative dental care when they are covered by a valid private health fund and the health fund pays above $65 dollars for that preventative care visit.  When this occurs, we will waive any excess fee that is normally chargeable and you should have no out of pocket expense to cover.

By our definition, preventative care includes the following: dental examination (code 011/012), scaling and cleaning (code 111/114) and remineralizing treatment (code 121), Intraoral X-rays (code 022).

When the health fund fails to pay up to the minimum amount, the dentist MAY or MAY NOT at their discretion, ask the patient to top up to the required amount.  Most children’s examination under the age of 10 will require roughly 20 minutes but sometimes up to 30minutes is still a normal amount of time. Once the appointment exceeds 30min, a maximum fee capped at $95 MAY be chargeable again at the dentist’s discretion.

Minimum Standard Warranty for various kind of Dental Work Performed

At Grange Family Dental, we are confident that any work we do for you should last a good amount of time. Therefore, we are happy to offer all our patient a warranty on all work performed provided a few simple conditions are met:

  1. The work must not be contraindicated by the treating dentist or any other specialist. Only work recommended by us will be covered under our warranty.
  2. The work must not be worked on or modified by anyone else.
  3. A minimum standard of oral hygiene must be met and failure to do so may void the warranty i.e. at least one annual check-up a year is a prerequisite for major dental and dental implants.
  4. The work must not have failed as a direct result of trauma or physical accidents or any other unforeseen circumstances e.g. pregnancy reflux, radiation treatment induced dry mouth where the dentist has no control over the mishap. However, if the cause is unclear or multifactorial with trauma just part of the cause, we may still honour a partial warranty.

General Dental work: Such as fillings, scaling, root canal treatment, extraction, all carry a minimum of 12 month warranty.

Denture and Removable Prosthetics: These also carry a minimum 12 month warranty but depending on the problem, partial warranties may extend past 12 month depending on the actual cause of the failure.

Crowns, Bridges and dental implants: These will carry a minimum 5 year warranty provided that no less than one annual check-up is performed every 12 month as a bare minimum. Ideally we would strong recommend 6 month examinations to up hold the quality of your dental health.

For crowns or bridges, some minor imperfections after a long duration of time will be allowed for as normal wear and tear e.g. the porcelain wearing down in the bite after a few years.

General spirit of the warranty policy

It should be noted that the warranty policy is designed to provide our patients with confidence in the quality of our work. Therefore, when there is ambiguity in the cause of the failure, we will always strive to find a fair middle point to honour our warranty.

If the patient has partially contributed to the failure of the work, this does not automatically void the warranty and usually a partial warranty can be worked out between the dentist and the patient.

Any work which fails during the warranty period will be retreated free of charge as the first line of remedy. If a retreatment is not possible, a full or partial credit to the patient’s account with us, of the amount paid can be arranged depending on the cause of failure.

The following are all true situations that had happened in the past as an illustration of how the warranty policy has been applied.

Example of a warranty situation: Case 1

Mr A had a crown put on a back molar, after 3 years, the back half of the crown had broken off completely. A free retreatment was organised and a new crown replaced at no cost at all.

Example of a warranty situation: Case 2

Mr B had a crown put on a root canal treated tooth. The root canal was done by another dentist a while ago and showed no signs of concern and was checked clinically and radiographically prior to the crown. 2 years after the crown was put on, the tooth cracked in half when the patient bit down on a chicken bone accidently. Subsequent inspection showed that the tooth had actually cracked inside the root canal which was previously undetectable due to its location. As this was a unforeseeable situation, the treating dentist was not at fault, however, the accident did result in the loss of the tooth.

Mr B was offered a partial warranty and all his out of pocket cost (gap paid after the contribution of the health fund was deducted out of the total cost) were credited to his account as this had still occurred with in the 5 year warranty for the crown.  Mr B later on used this credit to replace the missing tooth with a bridge.

Example of a warranty situation: Case 3

Mrs C had a cracked tooth which flared up and was told it may or may not respond to root canal therapy. An agreement was reached that the treating dentist will attempt the treatment at the patient’s request with the understanding it had a high chance of failure.

The tooth was settled initially for the first 11 month but flared up after that and had to be removed. As the patient was made aware of the risk prior to the treatment but still wanted it done anyway, the treating dentist was not at fault. However, as a gesture of good will, the treating dentist subsequently removed the tooth and charge the health fund rebate only.

In this situation, had the treating dentist not warned the patient in advance, the dentist would have organised a full credit of all the payment made and put it towards whatever treatment is required to replace the now extracted tooth as the root canal treatment was still under the warranty period.

Example of a warranty situation: Case 4

Mrs C had a root canal treatment completed but did not return for the recommended crown within the recommended period of time despite being warned before the commencement of the root canal treatment that the tooth isn’t strong enough on its own. The tooth subsequently broke in half and needed extraction. In this case, because a direct warning has been ignored, the warranty wasn’t valid.

**In dealing with all of the above clauses and offers, Grange Family Dental has absolute final discretion and interpretation on all situations. We will always act justly and fairly with our patients and a benefit of doubt will usually be exercised in honouring our warranty where no clear causes of failure can be identified.

General Disclaimer of information

The information provided by this website has been created by the team at Grange Family Dental for general reference only and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy and currency of all the information, nor can we guarantee that there will not be any errors or omissions in this information. We would therefore advise that readers do not use this information for any other purposes other than to make enquiries with our team.

Privacy Statement

All the information collected about our patient as part of their treatment with us will remain confidential and in-house at all time. This information will only be used for the purpose of providing high quality dental care and will not pass onto unrelated 3rd parties without the prior consent of our patient.

This information which is stored on our database can only be accessed by staff with passwords which allow us to track and limit who has access the information as well. All the staff are bound by a confidentiality agreement to not share your personal information outside this practice. Our database is backed up daily and protected by firewalls and the latest antivirus software.