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If you’re searching for affordable and quality dental care at Stafford – why not visit Grange? We provide quality, personalised dental care, conducted by professionals who are committed to continual education via post-graduate dental courses.

Not only does our inner-North Brisbane practice have state of the art facilities, it has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. We also specialise in children’s dentistry and family dental care – our staff are highly trained in dental practice involving kids.

Why Book At Grange?

Located just 3 kilometres from Stafford, our dentists can provide a range of both general and specialised dental services. If you require specialised care – whether that is molar root canal treatments, dental implants or other procedures under Nitrous Oxide – we’ll make sure you don’t have to jump from practice to practice.

We know how important it is to be assured that you’re getting top notch care, especially if you have kids. Your local dentist in Stafford may not specialise in children’s dentistry, but at Grange Family dental, we do! Our staff are incredibly friendly and reassuring; we will take exceptional care of your little one.

Grange Family Dental Surgery

We relish any opportunity to give back to the community; our very own Dr Lam is part of a team of local graduates who provide dental care to those who are less fortunate. Through the organisation TIMA, Dr Lam donates his services to refugees and the homeless who cannot afford to visit a dentist. In supporting Grange Family Dentist, know that you are also supporting a business that cares about the wider community.

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If you’re searching for Stafford dental services, why not come and see us? We’re just around the corner, whether you are driving or catching public transport, and provide professional, high-quality dental care at prices you can afford.

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