Latest News and Technology

At Grange Family Dental, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies to assist in maintaining you oral health. As we grow as a practice, so will this page to keep you up to date with what we can offer.

Intra-Oral Camera

Durr VistaCam DigitalOne of the most useful tool in diagnosing difficult to spot lesions is the intra-oral camera. At Grange Family Dental, each room is equipped with a high resolution Durr VistaCam Digital that is capable of capturing things as small as 0.06mm. Therefore whenever we are unsure about something, this technology allows us to “zoom” into the area and get a really good look.

Examples of a magnified fracture in a tooth that would otherwise be invisible to normal vision (remember the tooth is about the size of your little finger):

Zoom in on teeth

Digital X-Rays

Durr Dental Image Plates

The use of x-rays in dentistry dates back almost as long as dentistry itself. A good x-ray image allows the dentist to diagnose problems which they cannot see with the naked eye, however until recently, the mainstream approach has been the use of conventional x-rays which are chemically developed.

Digital x-rays came on the scene around 10 years ago and from the start showed promising signs. With the invention of more sensitive mediums, we have witnessed a steady decrease of x-ray dosage (the amount of radiation the patient receives) to our patient whilst maintaining comparable quality to that of the traditional films.

The added advantage of digital x-rays is its ability to be manipulated on a computer.

Digital X-RaysDigital images have the capacity of been enlarged to focus on areas of interest and the contrast can also be adjusted to “highlight” possible decays. Storage is easy and it doesn’t “go off” over time unlike the traditional films. At our practice, the digital films we use allows us to cut approximately 60% of the radiation exposure of our patient compared to that of the traditional films which many practices still uses today.