Meet Our Team

Dez Hoare

Dez Hoare
Dez first embarked in the dental profession on a work-based traineeship straight out of school and subsequently completed her Certificate III in dental assisting.
She has worked in a variety of private practices and been entrusted with both clinical and administrative roles. Dez’s favourite dental specialty is oral surgery and implant dentistry, and together with Dr Lam, has completed numerous cases at Grange Family Dental.

An easy-going person with a great sense of humour, her keen knowledge of music earned her the role of “DJ Dez” and is responsible for all the music played at GFD. In her personal time, Dez is a loving step-mum to her partner’s two daughters and dotes on her Golden Retriever, Byron.

Rachel Tavella

Rachel Tavella - Grange Family DentalRachel started her career as a Dental Assistant in 1999 and continues her love of dentistry at Grange Family Dental. Her wide range of experience allows her to perform multiple roles including chair-side assisting, reception and staff training.

Rachel is also a qualified and amazing chef, and when she is not busy with her work at GFD, she is busily baking treats for her own business CAKE HEART. Since Rachel joined GFD, staff birthdays are now quite the occasion with Rachel always managing to amaze us with her beautiful creations. For the last 2 years, Rachel’s creations also earned her many prizes at the annual EKKA competition.

A mother of two lovely girls, Emily and Isabelle; Rachel’s real life experience enables her to empathize with any patients who might be a little bit nervous whilst at the dentist. She spares no effort in trying to make everyone’s dental experience with us as pleasant as possible.

Bella Sweeney

Bella SweeneyBella is the newest member of GFD although she comes with a vast amount of experience. Bella began her career in dentistry whilst completing a degree in Biomedical Science at UQ. Since then she has never looked back and this is her 8th year in the profession.

A lady of many talents, whenever a difficult situation arises, Bella’s attitude is always to tackle it head-on and when others may throw in the towel, Bella will always just try to give it one more shot.

In her spare time, Bella runs her own online fashion label and loves learning French (there is a good reason for this), drinking strawberry milk and singing loudly in her car on the highway.

Maeghan Dickenson

Maeghan Dickenson - Grange Family DentalMaeghan joined Grange Family Dental in 2011 whilst completing her training to be a dentist through the University of Queensland, Dental School. Naturally she was a perfect fit and possesses in-depth knowledge of many day to day dental procedures. Now in her second last year of training, we will need to refer to her as Dr Dickenson sometime next year…

Outside of studying and working hard, Maeghan is a very active lady, participating in all kinds of sport including surfing, cycling, soccer and futsal.

Jenny Preimonas

Jenny Preimonas - Grange Family DentalJenny started her dental career in the late 70s as a school dental therapist. With her husband John an active air-force officer and 3 young daughters, she worked as a dental assistant in a variety of private dental practices all around Australia whilst being on the move due to John’s postings.

Jenny’s professional life also involved something few would ever experience, with her volunteering as a dental assistant in a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border a few years back.

After some 27 years of clinical dentistry, Jenny now enjoys the role of Dental Receptionist and in-house barista at Grange Family Dental. Whenever she has a spare moment, she is always looking to lend a hand to her fellow colleagues.

Recently, Jenny became the proud grandmother of a third grandchild and spends much of her spare time helping to look after them. Jenny also enjoys shopping (who doesn’t??), coffee, travelling and spending time with her family.

Estee Hobbs

Estee Hobbs - Grange Family DentalEstee graduated from Grace Lutheran College in 2011 and became a dental assistant shortly after. After joining GFD in 2013, Estee quickly blended in and developed an interest in endodontics and crown and bridge work. Being the youngest member of the team, Estee brought a vibrant energy with her to work every day. She has also been entrusted with the responsibility of organising team building activities for the whole practice.

Estee likes spending her private time catching up with friends and family and has a keen interest in fashion. She is also a big sports fan and loves watching rugby league and union on the weekends.